Brief Outline of Albuquerque Reach Sections and Responsible Authors

  • Hydrology
    • Hydrologic constraints
      • Climate - Current Rio Grande basin hydrology and projections
      • Maximum flows from Cochiti Dam
      • San Juan-Chama Project/Drinking water diversion
        • Albuquerque city demands
      • MRGCD water use and infrastructure
      • Endangered Species Act (Central Ave. flow requirements)
    • Water Quality
      • North Diversion Channel
      • Calabacillas Arroyo
      • Waste water return flow
    • Possible flows given constraints

  • Geomorphology- Aubrey
    • Geomorphology conditions
      • Historical conditions
      • Levees/dams and impact on geomorphology
    • Hydrologic impact
      • Best and worse case hydrography and impact on geomorphology
      • Degradation/sediment loading and connection to flow
    • Endangered Species
      • Impact of current geomorphology on two species
      • Changes that could be implemented in order to provide habitat for endangered species

  • Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (Ryan)
    o Historical Data
    § Life history and general facts (such as nesting habits/food preference).
    § Historical Habitat/current habitat
    o Hydrological needs (Ideal) in Albuquerque reach
    § necessities for habitat creation/Seed dispersal requirements
    § -Hydrograph
    § -Bank connectivity
    § -Rates of change
    § -Reach connectivity
    o -Necessities for food source maintenance
    § -Hydrograph
    § -Bank connectivity
    § -Rates of change
    § -Reach connectivity
    o Year round base flow/conditions when SWFC not present
    o Realistic conditions (Maybe have a section for this?) Could be in conclusions or later.

  • Rio Grande Silvery Minnow - Eddie
    • Life History
      • Spawning needs
      • Cues
      • Natural predators/prey at different life stages
    • Perspective Propagation Sustainability Needs
      • High flow magnitude and duration during snow melt
      • Floodplain connectivity and quantity/quality of habitat needs
    • Annual Sustainability Needs
      • Baseflow conditions
      • inter-reach connectivity
    • Current Efforts/Barriers (maybe?)
      • ACE
      • MRGCD
      • FWS
      • ABCWUA