These Prezi presentations were developed by the 2012 class.

Hyporheic Zone - Ryan Webb

Channel Design - Kareem Saint-Lot

Effects of Dams and Impoundments - Lexi Pickel

Riparian Zone, Hydrology-Hydraulic: Abdou Harisou, Ouro Bang'na Nassam & Valerie, McCoy

Physical Habitat-Adrienne Martinez and Maggie Sims

Introduction - Mark Stone

Landscape Perspectives - Jeffrey Samson

Ecosystem Theory in Restoration - George Garcia

Floodplain Connectivity - Kirsty Bramlett

Environmental Flows - Ryan Morrison

Invasive Species- Zoe Isaacson

Food Webs- Betsy Shafer

Water Quality - L. Mitchell and M. Preut

Hydrology and Hydraulics - Austin Heermann and Kent Steinhaus

Fluvial Geomorphology - Rebekah Levine and Lyle Begay

Channel Evolution Model - Jake Collison

Bank Stability - Genna Slape

Stream Classification Techniques - Tyler Gillihan

Desert Systems - Colleen McConvill and Jackie Carr

Sediment Transport {rocesses and Modelling- Angela Gregory and Amelia Symonds

Assessment Techniques - Terri Lameman Austin

Restoration Goals & Objectives - P. Ryan Swazo-Hinds

Rio Grande-Final Project Presentation,

by: Patrick, Lexi, Justin, Lyle, Valerie, and Harris

Gila River

by: Tyler Gillihan, Jackie Carr, Genna Slape, Antonio Griego

Rio Chama

By: Ryan M., Colleen, Bekah, Amelia, and Maggie

BY: Betsy, Adrianne, Austin, Lana, Angela